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Planning Your Cooking Party

 COOKING  PARTIES are the latest type of FUN where the Birthday Chef and their  special guests are all a part of the hands-on interactive cooking  fun.  This is a very UNIQUE party where each child is able to CREATE,  EAT, AND ENJOY!  Kids LOVE to cook, and they will be so excited to say  they made their OWN party food!  Cooking parties are BOYS AND GIRLS! Birthday Parties include: 

  • 90 minute PRIVATE party (plus 15 minutes set up time) 
  • Choice of Party Menus for your birthday chef and guests to prepare (See Birthday Themes below) 
  • Party food, drinks, and paper goods for the children 
  • Paper chef hats to decorate for children 
  • Souvenir apron for the birthday chef signed by all guests 
  • Aprons for all children to wear while they cook 
  • 2-3 Party Host/Instructors 
  • 20 Free Invitations (***Party packages include 12 guests plus the birthday chef, but may have max 20 guests) 

PARTY TIMES: View our calendar for dates/times available.  If  you would like additional time or a different date or time, please  contact us for pricing and availability.    

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TIME:  The birthday child and guests may arrive NO earlier than 15 minutes before  scheduled party time.  The party is 90 minutes plus 15 minute set up  time.  Please plan to depart at the scheduled time unless other  arrangements have been made ahead of time with Mix It Up!  Party time  extensions are available at $45 per 30 minutes but must be arranged ahead of time and depends on availability. 

WHAT AGES DO YOU START COOKING PARTIES: 4 YEAR OLDS:  We start at age 4 for birthday parties.  We recommend the pizza party menu or creative baker menu for 4 year old age group; we also recommend keeping the guest list on the lower end of 12 participating guests because they need a little extra help with their cooking.   FOR AGES 5 to TEEN, please see party menu list below.  Our most popular parties are the pizza party and cupcake wars parties.   

PRICING:  View the description of parties on our calendar for prices.  Prices listed are for  the birthday chef plus 12 guests. $12/each additional guest (limit of  20 participating guests).  Please give us advanced notice if you plan to  have more than 12 guests.  Parties must be booked with $150 deposit.   The remaining balance is to be paid the day of the party using a exact cash or charge. (no checks accepted) 

HOW TO RESERVE A PARTY:  Reserve your birthday party by using our online registration system or  call us at 337-346-5090.  When viewing the calendar, if  the birthday party icon says 'waiting list', then that time slot is  already booked.  If it does not state 'waiting list', the date IS  available.  If you do not see a date or time that suits your needs,  please call so we can arrange a date/time that will work for you if  possible.  

DECORATIONS: Please note that our Mix It Up kitchen is set for parties and does not require decorations.  However, we do have a 4 foot cake table that can be decorated if you choose.  NO WALL HANGING DECORATIONS are allowed to maintain the integrity of the interior. 

Please also note NO SPARKLER TYPE CANDLES allowed as these pose a significant fire hazard risk. 

BIRTHDAY THEMES: Choose  1 Party Menu for you and your guests to prepare.  

 CREATIVE BAKER PARTY Homemade Mini Chocolate Cupcakes Mini Sugar Cookies Frosting, Sprinkles Fruit Kabobs Lemonade The  Birthday Chef prepares the cupcake batter for their guests.  Guests  help mix the batter and put into cupcake tins.  Each guest hand cuts  their own cookie shapes.  Cupcakes and cookies are decorated with icing  and sprinkles by each guest.  GREAT FOR ALL AGES $325

HOMEMADE PIZZA PARTY (Most Popular!) Fresh Pizza Dough (you roll it out!) Topped with Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, and Pepperoni Fruit Kabob (2 seasonal fruits) Lemonade The  Birthday Chef and their guests knead their dough, roll it out, and add  pizza toppings to enjoy!  While the pizza is cooking, party guests  design their fruit kabob.  Crowd pleaser to ALL ages!!! $325

SALSA FIESTA PARTY  Fresh Baked Tortilla Chips Fresh Salsa (Kid tested, kid approved!) Baked Cheese Quesadilla Fruit Kabob (2 seasonal fruits) Lemonade The  Birthday Chef is featured in making the Fresh Salsa for their guests.   After the salsa is made, the birthday chef and their guests make chips  and quesadilla and fruit kabob! $325

CUPCAKES- N- KABOBS PARTY 3 Cupcakes Per Guest to Decorate Choice of icing, sprinkles, toppings Fruit Kabobs Lemonade We  supply the cupcakes, icing, supplies, and lots of topping choices.  (No  fondant will be used with this party, only the MEGA party).  Each guest  decorates 3 cupcakes.  When time is up, each guest gets to show off  their creations.  Judging can be the best of each person's 3 cupcakes...  everyone is a winner!  (Birthday Chef can judge!).  Great photo op of  the group with their cupcakes!!! $350

ROCK STAR PARTY Edible Cupcake Microphones Confetti Pretzel Drumsticks Fruit Kabob Lemonade Your  rock star chef and guests will make edible cupcake microphones,  confetti pretzel drumsticks, and fruit kabobs.  Get ready to ROCK!  Fun  idea to have your guests dress like 70's, 80's, 90's or their favorite  rock star!  (Great for all ages) $350

CUPCAKE WARS MEGA FONDANT PARTY   (Great for ages 7 and up!) ​3 Cupcakes Per Guest to Decorate 3 FONDANT Colors Choice of icing, sprinkles, and toppings Fruit Kabob Lemonade ​Each child will make their own CUPCAKE STAND to decorate and bring home! ​​ We  supply the cupcakes, FONDANT (which can be shaped to create the  most decorative cupcakes), and icing supplies. Each person decorates 3  cupcakes, and each person makes a CUPCAKE STAND.  When time is up, each  team gets to show off their creations.  Great photo op!!!  $375

New: "NAILED IT" DECORATING PARTY: Round 1: Each guest will decorate 1 cupcake to match the mystery picture design Round 2: Each guest will decorate 1 cupcake to match a second mystery design Round 3:  Freestyle Anything Goes design!  Party  includes 3 cupcakes per guest, fondant colors for the mystery designs,  icing colors for the mystery designs, sprinkles, fruit kabobs, and  lemonade!   (Best for ages 7 and up - great choice for tweens!) $375

COOKIES -N- CREAM Baked Sugar Cookies Icing and Sprinkles to decorate Ice Cream Bar with Toppings Lemonade $325

New: UNICORN PARTY:  for a small additional fee, make this party a unicorn party!  Kids will  cut out unicorn shaped cookies and decorate them.  They will  make a  unicorn cone for their ice cream! $350

ULTIMATE COOKING PARTY (Best for ages 7 and up) *2 HOUR PARTY Pizza Dough the participants will make from SCRATCH Topped pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni Fruit Kabob Decorate 1 cupcake with icing piping bags and sprinkles Science Balloon Experiment Demonstration Lemonade The  birthday chef and their guests will begin by preparing their pizza  dough at the beginning of the party.  Chefs will decorate their chef  hats at the dough rises.  Each guest will prepare their own personal  pizza.  Chefs will also make fruit kabobs and decorate a cupcake with  icing and sprinkles.  You can use the cupcake as their birthday cake if  you choose!  $450


Ice  Cream with Topping Bar $35: includes a scoop of vanilla ice cream with  choice of 5 toppings. Add waffle bowls for additional fee. 

Cupcake  Decorating $35 : includes 1 cupcake per guest, icing to spread, sprinkles.   Can be used instead of a cake for birthday candle time. Add customized  icing colors or piping bags for additional fee. 

Customized Menu Theme: some party menus may be customized  as far as colors of icing, shapes of cookies or fondant. 

Time Add On $45:  Add 30 minutes time (must be scheduled in advance) Please note these items are add-ons, not menu substitutes. *Mix It Up! must be notified of any add-ons at least 48 hours prior to the party date. *Please notify of us of the estimated number of party participants.  *If  any of the add-ons are chosen, there is a possibility that the birthday  child will not have time to open gifts at the party due to the time for  preparing the additional items.  Additional 30 minutes can be purchased  for $45 if available.  *The charge for the add-ons will be added to the final balance at the party.   *Please pay FINAL balance in CASH OR CREDIT CARD at the end of your party. (NO CHECKS)

*When  considering your party at Mix It Up, please keep in mind that your  party includes food, drinks, chef hats, use of aprons, and entertainment  for your guests.  It's an easy party for busy moms and dads.  We do all  of the work.  All you have to do is invite your friends and family...  and we even provide invitations!!! If you are looking for something  unique, different, and keeps your kids engaged, then Mix It Up is the  place for you!   Special Request or Theme? Let us know so we can work on it.  Additional charges may apply. 

*Make sure you check out our CANCELLATION POLICY prior to booking your party. Cancellation Policy for Birthday Parties: When  you reserve a kitchen for a birthday party, we require a $150 deposit  on a valid credit card.  If paid in cash, the party package must be paid  in full upon booking. The deposit is non-refundable and  non-transferrable (meaning rescheduling the event) within 14 days of the  party date.  Cancellations are issued an account credit  if parties are  cancelled 15-20 days before the date of the party.  Cancellations are  issued a refund if parties are cancelled 21 days or more before the date  of the party.   Any refunds may be assessed a 10% processing fee.  No  processing fee if refund applied as a credit to account.  Thank you for  reading our cancellation policy.    


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